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Finland, also known as the Country of a Thousand Lakes, is located in northern Europe and lies between Russia, Sweeden and Norway; 75% of the country’s area is covered with forests which not only add to its beauty but also support it to be the 3rd cleanest country in the world. The happy locals, magnificent landscape, immense natural beauty, clean environment and astonishing architecture are some of the key features that make the country one of the top destinations in Europe.
If you are planning to visit this marvelous country packed with more than 188,000 lakes, sit tight as we will give you the top 10 best places to visit in Finland for a memorable trip.

10: Lemmenjoki National Park
Lemmenjoki National Park is named after Lemmenjoki River, an 80-mile-long river that runs through the park. It is the largest national park in Finland, covering an area of 2,850 km², and was established in 1956. It is one of the largest roadless wilderness areas of the continent and offers numerous wild places to explore; however, it is most famous for gold panning and produce more than 21 Kg of gold per annum; visitors can opt for a guided tour to experience the thrill of panning.

09: Turku
Turku is Finland’s oldest town and former capital; the town was founded in the 13th century and is known as the most traditional medieval town in the country. It is famous for its astonishing Gothic cathedral, vibrant harbor, medieval castle and Medieval Festival.

08: Sibelius Monument
The Sibelius Monument is located in Helsinki, the capital city of Finland; Eila Hiltunen built it in 1967 as a tribute to Jean Sibelius, one of Finland’s most recognized composers. The monument consists of 600 unevenly grouped organ pipes floating in the air; the highest pipe is 27 feet above the air.

07: Savonlinna
Savonlinna is a town located in the center of the Lake Saimaa region in southeast Finland and is a popular holiday destination and spa. The town is built around Olavinlinna Castle, a three-tower medieval castle built in 1475 to repel Russian attacks and control the Savo region. It is one of the city’s most significant attractions; it’s beautiful, restored rooms and halls, including the Great Hall, the King’s or Knights’ Hall and the Congress Hall, are open for visitors.

06: Levi
It is the most popular Ski resort in Finland, located 170 Km north of Rovaniemi; it offers the nation’s largest downhill ski area and is the best place for winter recreation activities. It has more than 43 trails encompassing 100 Km of cross-country ski paths; snowboarders and Downhill skiers will be fascinated by 27 ski lifts and 43 pistes.

05: Helsinki
Helsinki is Finland’s most populated and official capital; it was established in 1550 by order of king Gustav Vasa. It is one of the most renowned tourist spots; the city is most famous for its rich culture, innovative art and magnificent architecture; it is home to a complete district devoted to galleries, studios and antique shops.

04: Suomenlinna Fortress
It is one of the largest sea fortresses in the world and has an area of 210 hectares; it comprises 6 linked islands with 200 buildings and 6 Km of a strong defensive wall. Its construction started in 1748 under the supervision of Swedish Admiral Augustin Eherensvärd, as it was a Swedish fortress at that time.

03: Aland Islands
Aland comprises of few large and more than 10,000 small islands and is the best place for nature lovers’ refuge. It is quite famous for its unspoiled nature, magnificent beaches, flabbergasting landscapes, maritime museums and open-air museums.

02: Rovaniemi and the Arctic
Rovaniemi is the capital of Lapland and is known as the gateway to the Arctic; it is the best place for wintertime outdoor pursuits. One of the fascinating places in the city is the Arctic Snow Hôtel & Glass Igloos, which is one of the biggest snow-made hotels in Nordic countries and comprises 30 rooms, an Ice restaurant and bar, and an ice chapel.

01: Watch the Northern Lights
Watching northern lights is once in a lifetime treat for most people, so to get the maximum out of it, it is recommended that you should see them in Finland.

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