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0:37 Tokyo New Sports #1
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★Our Youtube Channel is spreading the beauty of Japan to the rest of the world and creating 4 categories of video★

1. Japan Tra0vel Guide ✈️ Providing Recommend Spots and Useful Info for Tourists
– Shibuya Tokyo 5 New Hot Spots

– Akihabara Tokyo 6 Hidden Spots

– Hokkaido New Chitose Airport 6 Tips

2. ASMR Travel 🚃 Bringing you to Virtual Trip
– Solo Travel Vlog ❄️ Winter Snow in Hokkaido Otaru

– ASMR | Stream Train and Japanese autumn leaves trip

– Cute Capsule Hotel in Akihabara Tokyo

3. Japanese Craftsman 👘
– A DAY LIFE of CRAFTSMAN Edo Kiriko is from here

4. Interview 🎤 Finding Real Voice of People living in Japan
Coming Soon

We are creating promotion videos thorough interview with craftsman and workers in Japan. We are looking for someone who can support our activity. Why don”t you promote your business or shops? Feel free to contact us if you are interested;

🌸Meg’s Profile🌸
Born in Japan and living in Tokyo more than 10 years. After graduating from a university, she was working as an accountant at a manufacturing company etc. for 5 years. In Dec 2022, she started Youtube channel and is creating videos to spread the beauty of Japan.

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