Please refer below and let me know if you have any questions in comment section .

-If time and roads permits, go to Top station( same route as Madupetty dam but far)
-If you have more time, go to see sunrise at Kolukkumalai (Take Kolukkumalai Sunrise Jeep Safari)
– Don’t get hyped with gap road because the view of only from top (drones). Anyways it will come on way or going to Thekaddy( take the gap road route to see Lockhart Tea estate)
-Lokhart Tea Estate is more beautiful than Tata tea Estate . Skip Tata tea estate and visit here when going towards Thekaddy.
-Take keep safari ride after lunch . Evening scenes are better than morning and afternoon . Ziplining is available at Ripple waterfalls.

Cab Service: Sobha Cabs, Kochi ( Find number in Google)
Homestay : Winter Gardens Mountain View , Pallivasal , Munnar (Booked via Make my Trip )


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