Welcome to CAPE MAY NJ!!

I’ve been doing travel guides for a little bit now and am SO excited to introduce to you guys somewhere I’ve been coming ever since I was little. Cape May is a fabulous beach town in South Jersey that has SO MUCH to offer and is downright beautiful. From the colorful architecture, magnificent restaurants, beautiful beaches, and day trip adventures there is truly something for everyone!

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Here what we’ve covered so far:

Cape May Zoo:
The Cape May Zoo is such a fun thing to do if you’re not feeling the beach- not to mention- it’s FREE!

Cape May Brewing Co:
A super fun 21+ activity with lots of great brews.

Cape May Woodland Villages:

Woodland Village

17 unique cottages and shops with beautiful scenery!

Congress Hall:
Congress Hall is the heart of Cape May right off the beach complete with amazing restaurants, cafes, and beautiful outdoor space, complete with a hotel, spa, and pool!

Shopping in Town:

Shopping in Cape May

Tons of beautiful small businesses to choose from and spend the day shopping at!